Deluxe Clothing Co. founded in 2018

After months of market research it became apparent to the director of Deluxe that most new brands would just stick a logo on a product and launch a clothing line, that’s not to discredit the few brands out there that took time to think about the aspects of each item but it was all too common.

Once we located a factory that could give us the materials we desired, we then got to work on the fit. After thorough testing we ensured that the sizes from XS through to XXL worked to the average build of each size. Then it was back to the factory for the finishing touches - the elasticated cuffs on the joggers, the shortened draw strings on the hoodies, the engraved eyelets and aglets on both. Once they were back from bulk production the labels & swing tickets were applied and then packed into branded packaging ready to be delivered to the world. 
We truly believe our blackout range, despite its simplicity, is deemed high-end in the streetwear world and alongside our popular headwear range we are ready to compete with the best. Our main focus is to stay aspirational and this spring we will be introducing some new cutting edge designs to blow you all away but at the same time staying true to our beliefs, keeping the quality and fit unbeatable. You can also expect lifestyle and travel accessories in the not too distant future, alongside a womenswear range.

So here’s a shoutout to all Deluxe customers new and old that have got us this far, we shall be repaying you with some more fire soon x